Our Team

Achim Gier

Pegasus Consult (management consultant & coach)

Björn Fischer


Benjamin Fröhling

Rotonda Business Club GmbH & Co. KG (management consultant)

Uwe Kessel

Rotonda Business Club GmbH & Co. KG (managing director)

Andreas Liebrecht

Liveyourstrategy (management consultant)

Dagmar Dittmann

Dagmar Dittmann Consulting (management consultant & coach)

Dorothea Kriele

Medialog (Coach & Mediatorin)

Heinz Vollrath

LCV Conversion GmbH (interim manager and consultant)

Nils Möller

CTI Global (interim and insolvency manager)

Jens Albat

Consultant and trainer

Henrike Lüling

become Management GmbH (coach and trainer, interim manager)

Jacqueline Rüttel

Performanceup (coach and trainer)

Jaleh Nayyeri

(trainer, coach, consultant)

Heidi Hemmers

(trainer, coach, managing consultant)